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In this message, Pastor talks about the true star of Christmas—Jesus. It’s easy to get side-tracked by the festive chaos, but amidst our shopping lists, home duties, and even the unexpected car breakdowns, Pastor Brent reminds us to make room in our hearts for Jesus, just as the world made room for him over two thousand years ago in Bethlehem.

Key Points:

1. **Focusing on Jesus**
– Christmas is a celebration of Jesus’s birth.
– Sharing the joyous news with loved ones.

2. **Seeking Jesus in Daily Life**
– Importance of regular prayer and scripture reading.
– Anecdote connecting diligent search to finding Jesus.

3. **Learning from the Shepherds**
– Biblical account of the shepherds in Luke.
– Mary’s contemplation of the events.
– Shepherds’ joyful response and praise.

4. **Reflection during the Holiday**
– Contemplation of how Christmas impacts personal life.
– Encouragement to prioritize Jesus during busy times.
– Maintaining joy and thankfulness for Jesus’s presence.

5. **Prayer and Facing Fear**
– Prayer for earnest seeking and overcoming fear.
– Developing a heart filled with praise.

6. **Welcoming Jesus**
– Life’s busyness vs. making room for Jesus.
– Addressing the barriers to embracing church and Jesus.

7. **Confronting Fears and Embracing Faith**
– Challenges to confront fears and welcome Jesus openly.
– Invitation to boldly share one’s faith.

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