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Freedom Fellowship


Hey There! 

Freedom Fellowship is a non-denominational Christian church located in Jackson, Wisconsin. We are a church focused on community and family. We would love to have you join us to learn more about God and all He has done for us and can do for you too!


Pr. Brent Weide


I’m Brent

I’m the Pastor here at Freedom Fellowship. I’d like to personally invite you to visit us. I think you’ll find that we are a church focused on relationships with God and with those around us. If you’re looking for a church to call home, come and see us. 

What People are Saying

"Our relationships are genuine. We are the family of God living out his will. Pastor Brent and Sarah are personally involved in the lives of those who are a part of this family"


"We are truly a family! We have a meal together every Sunday to encourage each other and minister to each other's needs. "


"I really appreciate that there is such community here. People really know each other and work to help each other out. "


"As soon as I walked in, I felt the calling of the Lord for me to get involved. I gave in because I finally found a pastor that was not as interested in building "his" church as he was about furthering the kingdom of God."


Recent Sermons

Soar like an Eagle
Soar like an Eagle

Pastor Brent was driving and saw a mature eagle.  It wasn’t soaring gracefully through the sky, instead it was walking in the mud.  Its breast was all dirty – not what you would expect of an eagle!  Are you fulfilling the calling God has for your life, or are you playing in the mud instead of soaring?  In this message, Pastor Brent looks at the account of Jonah, who was playing in the dirt instead of fulfilling his calling.  In order to fulfill your calling in life, you must get out of your comfort zone, take flight and soar!

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