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Pastor Brent dives into the vital role of godly men in households and offers advice for parents striving to create loving, Christ-centered homes. If you’re seeking guidance on living under grace and fulfilling your responsibilities as a parent and spouse, you’ll want to listen to this message!


Key Take-aways:


Living Under Grace, Not Law

Pastor Brent emphasizes the importance of living under grace instead of being bound by the law. By loving God and others, rather than living selfishly, we align our lives with the divine plan. Living for Christ, rather than out of duty, brings true fulfillment and success.


Coaching Over Criticizing in Parenting

Fathers and mothers are encouraged to adopt the role of coaches rather than critics for their children. Effective parenting involves setting standards and administering discipline without nagging or scolding. Pastor Weide stresses that children, seen as blessings, should work alongside parents and learn practical skills, thus fostering a nurturing environment.


Forgiveness and Priorities

Acknowledging past mistakes and moving forward with forgiveness is vital. Fathers are urged to forgive themselves and others, mirroring God’s love, and to establish clear priorities—God, spouse, children, and work.


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