If you would like to experience the complete service (including worship), please view our Live Stream of the service on our Facebook page.

Pastor Oscar, a special guest from Guatemala, dives into the biblical significance of our current times and the imminent return of Jesus. He shares personal, often harrowing experiences from his mission work in areas riddled with conflict but radiates unwavering confidence in Jesus’ control amidst chaos.

Together with Pastor Brent, they emphasize the importance of focusing on the unseen, overcoming barriers, and winning the spiritual battle for eternal rewards. Pastor Brent also draws from the story of Jericho, encouraging us to live boldly in faith and love, while Oscar passionately urges us to share the gospel and rely on the Holy Spirit. In this message, you will be challenged to step up in your spiritual walk, overcome fear, and make a tangible impact in Christ’s kingdom. Whether you’re battling visible distractions or the inner desires of the flesh, this message is all about victory in Jesus.

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