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In this message, Pastor Brent delves into the heart of true discipleship and revival. He talks about the importance of confessing sins to Jesus, drawing near to God through prayer, worship, and meditating on His word, and the need to cleanse our lives of negative influences. Using the powerful analogy of a battleship, Pastor Brent challenges us all to know our purpose and assignment within the church.


Key Take-Aways:

Purpose and Role within the Church

Just as a crew on a battleship, each member of the church has a unique role to play. Pastor Brent underscores the importance of knowing your assignment and operating in it. Drawing analogies from Paul’s dedication to teaching, this message highlights the need for each believer to understand their purpose within the body of Christ and to engage actively in discipleship and ministry.


Confessing and Cleansing for Revival

True revival begins with confessing sins and removing negative influences in our lives. Pastor Brent invites us to draw near to God through prayer, meditation on scripture, and worship. A powerful reference to Acts 19 illustrates the transformative impact of ridding one’s life of detrimental influences. This episode reminds us of the necessity of spiritual cleansing for genuine renewal.


Testimonies and Glory to God

Rather than seeking personal praise, believers are encouraged to share testimonies that give glory to God. Pastor Brent discusses the dangers of focusing on personal recognition and urges us to direct all credit to Jesus Christ. By sharing stories of God’s work in our lives, we point others to the cross and the finished work of Jesus, upholding the ultimate source of our hope and salvation.


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