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In this message, Pastor Brent challenges our pursuit of material gains and routine religious customs. Instead, he invites us into a genuine, life-changing relationship with our Savior.  On this glorious Easter Sunday, we are challenged to reflect on the sunrise of our lives, symbolizing new beginnings and the forgiveness we receive through Jesus’ victory over sin and death. Pastor Weide shares a touching story involving his son’s humorous quest for an envelope, paralleling our own search for fulfillment. He reminds us that satisfaction cannot be found in worldly possessions or mere rituals, but through a devoted life guided by the Holy Spirit, finding its source in Jesus Christ.


Key Takeaways:

Seeking True Fulfillment

Discover how to shift our focus from the emptiness of material pursuits to a life filled with hope, love, and a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ.


Understanding Easter’s Message

Delve into the significance of Jesus’ resurrection, and learn about the victory available to us over sin and death through His sacrifice.


Living with Confidence

Be inspired to live confidently, rooted in the salvation and eternal life promised exclusively through a relationship with Jesus.


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