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In the wake of Easter’s celebration, a time when we rejoice in Christ’s ultimate victory over death, we’re often left pondering the question, “Now what?” How do we live in the triumph granted to us through Jesus?  In this message, Pastor Brent shares about how a comment about his mother’s cooking led to a larger revelation about love, disappointment, and the condition of our hearts. In this sermon, we explore the importance of setting our sights “on things above,” and the impact of focusing our hearts and minds on Jesus rather than the earthly disappointments that can bog us down. Furthermore, Pastor addresses the pitfalls of isolation and the necessity of community, especially within the church. Drawing from the book of Acts, we see the church’s early struggles and the wisdom found in community support and prayer.


Key Take-Aways:


Embrace Joy and Patience


Learn how joy, patience in affliction, and faithfulness in prayer are essential in our daily walk with Christ, especially when facing life’s inevitable disappointments.



Focus Heavenward


Set your hearts on things above and not the disappointments of life that often lead to bitterness and isolation.



Trust in Our Savior

Discover the importance of a deep personal relationship with Jesus, trusting in His sovereignty over our lives, which serves as the antidote to our fears and uncertainties.

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