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In this sermon, we reflect on selflessness, drawing inspiration from the biblical account of David and exploring how we can serve God and others with urgency and dedication. Too often, we find ourselves delaying our commitments to the Lord, losing precious opportunities. From putting off heartfelt conversations with loved ones to letting our finances and relationships drift unguided, procrastination can keep us from the life of freedom that God intends for us.

Key Topics:

1. The Spirit of Service
– Selflessness in marriage and the church
– Serving others as a priority over self-service
– Stories of obedience, like David’s towards Jesse

2. Obedience to God
– Committing one’s actions to God
– Delegating responsibilities in faith
– Trust in the Lord’s direction

3. The Importance of Praise and Worship
– Starting the day with gratitude and praise
– Recognizing everyday blessings and dedicating one’s day to God

4. Balancing Work and Faith
– Working diligently while honoring God with one’s resources
– Trusting God over personal wealth

5. Overcoming Life’s Struggles
– Confronting financial issues, relationship challenges, and addictions through faith
– The importance of not procrastinating in one’s spiritual walk

6. The Dangers of Procrastination
– Brent’s personal story of the missed opportunity with his uncle
– Prioritize communication with loved ones

7. Financial Stewardship and Generosity
– The practice of tithing and saving
– Witnessing God’s provision through personal experiences

9. Prioritizing God in Daily Life
– The concept of first fruits and giving God precedence
– Reassessing daily priorities and the use of time

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