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In this message, Pastor Brent looks at the pursuit of purpose and the importance of staying true to our calling from God, even when faced with life’s trials and insecurities.  We draw parallels between pursuing personal goals and an NFL team’s quest for a championship—highlighting the perseverance needed in both. We also discuss the power of not giving up on oneself and how this determination fuels our mission to advance Christ’s kingdom.  So, prepare to walk with a victory mindset, lean into God with your insecurities, and ready your heart to speak boldly about Jesus.


**Drawing Parallels With Sports**

– Discussing the similarities between achieving spiritual goals and an NFL team’s championship aspirations.


**Facing Adversities and Trusting God’s Control**

– Sharing Pastor Brent’s personal health struggles and reliance on faith.


**The Importance of Personal Mission**

– Emphasis on identifying and living out a personal mission with God at the center.


**Biblical Foundations for Support and Pleasing God**

– Citing scriptures to emphasize divine support and the aim to please God, not man.


**Refraining From Self-Comparison**

– Encouraging a focus on individual spiritual journeys and God’s unique plan for each person.


**Loving God and Others**

– Referencing Matthew 22:37-39 about the mission to love God and others.


**Approval from God vs. Man**

– Pastor Brent shares experiences of feeling underappreciated and learning to trust in God’s plan.


**Religion vs. Relationship with God**

– Exploring the importance of a relationship with God compared to religious formalities.


**Deepening Spiritual Relationships**

– The importance of communal Bible study and discussion.


**Proclaiming Victory and Boldness in Faith**

– Encouragement to walk in victory and deal with insecurities through prayer.


**The Importance of Witnessing**

– The call for believers to speak openly about their faith.

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