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Michael Strand, who is a missionary in Bosnia Herzegovina, shares this message. He explores the overarching biblical account of creation, fall, redemption, and restoration, and discusses how we fit into this narrative. Michael shares his insights into God’s global nature and our role in being a blessing to others, drawing from his rich experiences in Bosnia, highlighting its complex history and current spiritual landscape. He dives into the themes of mission found in the scriptures, from Genesis to the teachings of Jesus and Paul’s epistles, reflecting on how these guide us in spreading the gospel across nations. Let’s delve into understanding our part in God’s story and how it shapes our mission in today’s world.


Key Takeaways:


Universal Blessing

Understand how the Biblical account of Abraham emphasizes that we are all meant to be a blessing. God’s plan involves everyone across the globe, making it critical for us to consider our role in his global narrative.


Missionary Calling

Reflect on the concept that God is a “missionary God” who calls each of us to partake in His mission. This includes spreading the gospel and living out the teachings of Christ, both locally and internationally.


Historical Insight and Modern Relevance

Learn from Michael’s experiences in Bosnia, underlining the importance of understanding local cultures and history in our missionary work. The episode also touches on the current spiritual landscape in places like Eastern Europe and Wisconsin, urging a renewed focus on gospel presence.

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