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We all face storms in life, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the work and inconveniences they bring. But what if, like children who see a snowstorm as a chance to play and revel in wonder, we shifted our mindset to see the beauty and opportunities they present? In this message, we dive into the heart of Job 38:22 and discuss how to find the treasure in these trials.


Three key takeaways you won’t want to miss:

Reflect and Slow Down

Life’s fast pace often means we overlook the blessings woven into our everyday experiences. Beauty comes when we pause to acknowledge God’s handiwork in everything that surrounds us.


Embrace the Storm

Rather than viewing life’s storms with trepidation, adopt a childlike enthusiasm and see the challenges as opportunities to grow and acknowledge that God is at work.


Cultivate Peace

By presenting our anxious thoughts to God and choosing forgiveness over bitterness, we can foster peace and kindness within – even in the most trying circumstances.

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