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Pastor Brent Weide shares about the importance of trusting God through every season of our lives. From the calming ocean surfaces to abrupt stormy waves, Pastor Brent draws parallels between his recent fishing trip in Florida and the spiritual journeys we undertake. He speaks about the dangers of self-guidance and the transformative power of humility and obedience to God.  Pastor Brent illustrates the consequences of steering our own course versus letting God take control. Moreover, we’ll hear about the need to evaluate whether we are in the right “boat” in life, aligning our choices with God’s commandments.


Key Takeaways:


Trust in God’s Timing

Like waiting for calm after a storm, embrace patience and trust in God’s plans, knowing He will provide refuge and strength.


Assess Your Spiritual Foundation

Are you in the right “boat”? Align your life with God’s will and commandments to navigate through life’s tumultuous seas without losing your way.


Seek Humility and Guidance

Emphasize humility and seek God’s guidance during times of personal trials. Confront your challenges with a heart open to learning and spiritual growth.


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