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In today’s world, it’s easy to become entangled in the quest for recognition and to measure our worth by the work we do. Our true identity isn’t wrapped up in our visibility or the tasks we accomplish, it is only found in the grace and favor of God.

Let us strip away the superficial and embrace the joy of being complete in Jesus. In Him, we are favored, fulfilled, and loved. We find our identity not in our deeds, but for our place in His family.


Key Takeaways:

Servanthood Over Recognition

Learn the true essence of serving with a humble heart, and the importance of shifting focus from seeking validation to genuinely caring for others.


Identity in God’s Favor

Discover how to embrace your identity as favored by God, chosen before creation, and complete in Christ—beyond external achievements.


Thankfulness as Foundation

Unpack the power of a thankful heart as the baseline for service and usefulness in God’s kingdom, impacting every aspect of life, including marriage and community interactions.



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