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This message is a powerful call to live with determination.  Life’s challenges often bog us down, leading to a self-centered existence that dims our connection with God. But when we decide to start each day with God — through prayer, praise, and righteous decisions — amazing transformations happen. We learn that giving, especially tithing, isn’t just a duty but a pathway to financial freedom and blessings. Despite the whispers of inadequacy or the delays in answered prayers, trust is key. We’re reminded to use our talents not for our glory, but to serve and uplift the church and put God’s work at the forefront of our lives. Let’s be determined to shift our hearts toward generosity and service. Your time, talent, and treasure can make an immeasurable impact. Stay determined, faithful, and watch God work wonders in your life.

Three key takeaways for your spiritual and personal growth:

Embrace Determination

Remember, determination is the key to overcoming obstacles. In the midst of the enemy’s attempts to derail us, Pastor Weide encourages us to start each day with prayer, seek God’s kingdom, and stand firm in making righteous decisions.


Give Wholeheartedly

God calls us to live generously, and that includes our finances. By predetermining to give, even when it’s challenging, we open ourselves to God’s provision.


Serve with Joy

Don’t just attend church—be the church. Whether contributing your time, talents, or resources, Pastor Weide highlights the joy and necessity of serving within God’s kingdom. Step into active service and experience the transformation it brings to others’ lives—and your own.


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