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In today’s message, we explore changing our spiritual routines to experience genuine growth and freedom in our faith journey.

Breaking Free from Monotony

As Pastor Brent Weide shares, we often find ourselves trapped in the comfort of routine—a rut that can stifle our spiritual growth. We learn from Scripture that following the ways of the world can distract us from our true calling as believers. By breaking free from the patterns that lead us astray, we can embrace a life that is centered on Jesus and His teachings.


The Power of Community

Our faith journey is not meant to be walked alone. Whether we face offense, discouragement, or the temptations of the world, being part of a loving and supportive community is essential. As we gather together, bearing one another’s burdens, we discover strength, encouragement, and the opportunity to invest in the lives of others. The church becomes a safe haven where we can be restored and grow in our faith.


Surrendering to God’s Plan

As Christians, it’s crucial to surrender our own desires and dreams to the Lord’s leading. Pastor Brent humbly shares his personal story of feeling discouraged about his calling to become a pastor. However, through surrendering to God’s plan, doors were opened, and God directed his steps. We learn that God equips and uses each of us, regardless of our educational background or perceived limitations.


Discovering and Using Our Gifts

In the episode, Pastor Brent highlights the importance of identifying and utilizing our unique gifts and talents for the advancement of God’s kingdom. We are inspired by examples of individuals within the church who have stepped out in faith and found creative ways to serve others, whether through organizing a basketball ministry or writing heartfelt birthday cards. We are encouraged to stop doubting ourselves and embrace the calling God has placed on our lives.

Embracing a Passionate Faith

Passion and zeal for Jesus are transformative forces that ignite and sustain our spiritual journey. By imitating Christ’s love, actively engaging with Scripture, and cultivating an enthusiastic attitude towards pursuing God, we can experience a vibrant and dynamic relationship with Him. The story of Zacchaeus serves as a powerful reminder of how determination and a humble heart can lead to an encounter with Jesus that transforms our lives.


We encourage you to reflect on the patterns and routines in your own spiritual life. Are there areas where God is calling you to break free, invest in others, and embrace change? Remember, true freedom is found in surrendering to God’s plan, growing in community, and passionately pursuing Jesus.






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