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Pastor Brent invites both men and women to prioritize their spiritual and familial obligations, ultimately urging everyone to trust more deeply in God’s plan and find rest in His presence. This Mother’s Day, let’s reflect on how we can support the women in our lives not just today, but every day.


Key Takeaways:


Understanding & Fulfilling Needs

Pastor Brent emphasizes the crucial role of understanding and actively fulfilling the needs of spouses and mothers without waiting to be asked. This proactive approach in relationships leads to a nurturing and supportive environment.


Seeking Rest through Trust in God

Highlighting the often-overwhelming responsibilities mothers carry, the message encourages finding true rest by trusting in God’s plan and timing, rather than solely relying on oneself or others.


The Power of Scripture & Positive Content

The discussion underlines the importance of spiritual nourishment and consuming uplifting content. Regular engagement with scripture, especially Proverbs, is recommended to foster wisdom and peace in everyday life.


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