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In this message, Pastor Brent talks about coachability and the impact it has on our spiritual journey. Are talent and trials necessarily at odds, or do they both play a role in our development as followers of Christ? We’ll look at how applying the word of God goes beyond mere acknowledgment, necessitating concrete steps toward living it out fully in our daily lives.

Key ideas:

1. **Embracing Coachability**
– Distinguishing coachable attitudes from resistant ones
– Talent vs. willingness to be coached
– Growth through adversity

2. **Living the Word**
– Action over mere agreement with scripture
– Active faith in everyday life

3. **Maintaining Spiritual Vigilance**
-Bible study as spiritual defense
– Parables and personal faith journey
– Sports analogies for focus and awareness

4. **Heeding Prophetic Signs**
– World events as prophetic markers
– Readiness for spiritual trials

5. **Jesus’ Teachings in Practice**
– Prioritizing Jesus in life
– Embracing and demonstrating love and obedience
– Guarding against false teachings

6. **Faith in Action**

– The importance of unity and collective growth
– Commitment to God’s call over comfort
– Call to active kingdom work
– Command to evangelize

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