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Is your spiritual journey taking you down the right path? In this sermon, we dive into the essentials of navigating life’s crossroads with faith. We talk about the power of good choices and seeking godly counsel, and how to let the Holy Spirit lead you towards God’s vision for your life. Remember to forge relationships that draw you closer to Him and to leave your past failures behind. Life’s a journey meant to glorify God, and we’re here to help you check your spiritual bearings and move forward with hope and rejoicing.

Key Topics:

**1.The Journey of Life and Purpose**

– The life journey as a Christian

– Our purpose in glorifying God at all stages of life

**2. Scriptural Guidance and the Holy Spirit**

– Acts 2:17-21

– The importance of being led by the Spirit, not just seeking blessings

– The role of the Holy Spirit in guidance and life direction

**3. The Role of the Church**

– Church as a place for connections and friendships

– Inspiration from the Holy Spirit through church involvement

– Vision of the church

**4. Moving Beyond Past Failures**

– Peter’s denial of Christ

– The importance of letting go of previous mistakes

– Encouragement to focus on spiritual growth and forward movement

**5. Personal and Spiritual Check-Up**

– Analogizing spiritual life to a car safety check

– Reflecting on spiritual priorities and relationship health

**6. Encouragement and Prayer for Guidance**

– Pastor Weide’s prayer for trust in God’s control over situations

– Praying for the congregation to find joy and hope in Jesus

– Seeking godly counsel and rejoicing in challenges

**7. The Importance of Positive Relationships**

– Prioritizing God-centric relationships

– Forming and nurturing healthy interactions

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